Monday, March 16, 2009


I honestly think that the state of California may be one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

Nicholas and I drove up Highway 1 on Saturday through Big Sur to Monterey. All I could think of the whole time was how AMAZINGLY and WONDERFULLY creative our God is! Just the feeling of being SO small, and SO awestruck by the grander of those cliffs, and then to look out and see the vastness of the ocean. It was one of my favorite moments to date. Nicholas and I traded DJ duty, and right as we were passing over the famous bridge, "our" song was on...of COURSE I started BAWLING...and I think he teared up a bit too! We are SO blessed!!

Then on Sunday we woke up and took the drive through Pebble Beach to Carmel...just about as Holy as it gets. Surely as Holy as any Church service I have been to! I think sometimes that just being with each other, really feeling the weight of our unconditional love is the best Church there is! We then drove through Salinas, went to the Steinbeck Museum, and then headed home. 

It was truly an amazing weekend...I have said it before and I'll say it again...I have the BEST husband in the WORLD!!

Love to you all!


Monday, March 2, 2009


Oh, and I have a fractured pelvis.




Besties and Whatnot...

What an awesome weekend! My bestie Bobo was in town and I got to have her on Saturday night (yes, there is a long line of people waiting for time with her she is THAT in demand). It was soooo good to get to talk and talk...and talk...and talk. Here Dad, Rodger, was at dinner with us, as well, which is especially cool because he married Nicholas and I!

I know I have said this before about best friends, but there's just something that feels like home. I think it's because Bobo really truly is just about the closest thing to what I imagine God's love feels like here on earth. I  mean, Nicholas is up there too, for sure...but there is something about your best GIRLfriend. The one that makes you tell her your deepest darkest JUST so that she can say "no big deal". Absolutely wonderfully brilliantly best friendly.

Then on Sunday Rodger came back and we all had lunch together. Bo said something about how that is TRULY what the Sabbath is about and it really made me think...we need to get back to that as a culture. ENJOYING each other. Just talking, communing, laughing, questioning...

SO tack that on to my goals for 2009..."remember the Sabbath and keep it holy".