Friday, December 5, 2008

Missing running...

Ok, it's officially been THREE WEEKS since I have been able to run and it's killing me. Not because I'm being psycho about being in shape or anything...a co worker summed it up best. She said, "when do you think you're going to be able to run again?", I said, "well...I hope less than a month", and she said, "hmmm....I'm sorry, that's your THING, huh?", and I was like, "yeah, I guess it is my "THING".

Now that I'm unable to do my "thing", I realize just how valuable it became to me. When I'm running, no one can call me or need something from me, the people that I run with don't really care what I do for a living, or whether or not I can get them a job, or their friend of job (not that I MIND that but it's just a pleasant release), they are simply running next to me for the sake of running next to me. They may make small talk, but it's OK not to if you just want to be quiet and listen to your feet hit the pavement in synch with your breath (one of my most favorite sounds in the world). That's it, just running, not FOR anything, but just to do it...I feel like a kid again. It's liberating.

Hopefully I'll be back to my "thing" soon. I really really miss it, but it definitely has made me appreciative of it. 

Speaking of being appreciative and certainly humbled beyond belief...NBC is re-airing a documentary on the 2008 Paralympics this Saturday, December 6th at 4:30 PM EST. I strongly encourage everyone to watch and TIVO/DVR it. (I personally think that it's a bunch of malarkey that we don't air these in conjunction with the "other" Olympic Games.)  It's one of the most amazing documentary's I've seen, and just the kick in the pants that most of us need. 

Happy Friday!


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