Monday, December 8, 2008

'Tis the holiday season...

I think it's so funny (not "haha", more "hmm") that some people go around saying that no one appreciates the holidays for what they are supposed to really mean, and then those same people do nothing to change the situation. 

I was at The Library (anyone who knows Nicholas and I well, knows that this is one of my favorite spots in the world!!) the other day with my friend Sara and this guy was talking about how much the Christians talk about giving and they are so full of you know what, cause the whole holiday is about them and about how much they love gifts...blah blah blah. Sara sat there with a little smile KNOWING that the whole time I was biting my tongue.

I posted earlier and went on a bit of a rant about this...but I'm retracting that. Suffice to say that I know many people on ALL sides who not only give during the holidays, but know the TRUE joy of giving year round. I want to be one of those people.

As for this season, kudos to my amazing mother for stepping out and changing my family's holiday plans. This year, we are all giving to a charity in our family's name, and then writing a letter to each family member explaining what charity we chose and why we chose it. What's amazing is that, of course, it feels even GREATER to give to those in need in the name of those you would normally give gifts to...and even the person who would be receiving the gift feels that they have given!

So to all of my friends, both Christian and otherwise (I love you all!!), let's do our part to ALL remember the true meaning and joy of Christmas THIS year. I highly recommend for a whole heap of giving opportunities!  

Happy Holidays!


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