Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HAPPY 2009!!

MAN...what a year THIS is going to be!! I think that the BIGGEST AND BEST news that I have moving into 2009 is that my wonderfully amazing little brother, Reggie,  (it's Nicholas's youngest brother...but I consider them all to be mine just the same) is marrying an equally wonderful little lady, Patricia! I'm so excited to have another Mrs. Williamson! CONGRATULATIONS to you both...cannot WAIT for the party that will be your wedding!

Nicholas and I had an awesome holiday, as well. We got to spend some time just us and have the joy of blending our family traditions. It was SO great to not only get time together, but see yet another way that our lives continue to merge into one. Marriage is absolute heaven...I couldn't love it more!

I was so blessed to have my best friend Bobo and her husband come and stay with us the day after Christmas. It was the perfect Christmas present! We always say that our time together is like sitting in an old couch at your parents house...just FEELS like home!

And if THAT wasn't enough, one of my other besties and favorite people in the world REBE came up with her husband Jason from San Diego to celebrate the New Year with us. Honestly...a party just isn't a party without that girl. ROCK STAR.

New Years, of course, was amazing. I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE having parties. We had a lot of our friends come over (black tie optional...Nicholas looked so handsome!). We had a TON of Champagne and danced the night away! I think that if I had my way...I'd somehow make money having my OWN parties and inviting all my favorite people every week. I mean, I do invite all of my favorite people every week already, I'd just like to figure out how I can make that my career. I'll let you know if I get any ideas! 

And now...back to work. I do get the silver lining of getting to see even MORE of my closest friends at the end of this month when I help to host my bestie Bee's baby shower!

WOW...what a way to start 2009!!! 

Love you all. More to come...


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